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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calling all Literate Male Action/Adventure Fans

Just had a brainstorm of sorts, after buying a Mack Bolan novel for my shiny new Kindle. I'm considering guest posts/blogs/reviews of men's fiction. If interested, comment on this post or just email me with a book review and your name, links, short bio and/or whatever you consider relevant (I'll be the ultimate judge of that).

I ask that the review be coherent for literate English-speakers, and free of unnecessary profanity (try using italics or bold if you need to emphasize something). I do read, and enjoy, genres that don't necessarily integrate with men's fiction, but I'd like to limit this to dude-lit of an adrenaline-stoking variety. So yeah, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery is all fine as long as the plot has action and it is written for a male audience.

What do I mean by the requirement to have action? I don't mean that character development and plot have to be anemic. But, for instance, the Kinky Friedman mysteries I've read would not qualify, as it seems the protagonist spends half of each book staring at his cappuccino machine. "I cradled the blower on the left." Ahem.

So let me know if you're interested. Operators are standing by.


  1. Hey Hank, I'm reading a book called "On Target" right now. The protagonist is a ex-CIA assassin who is contracted to kidnap/assassinate the president of Sudan. I buddy recommended the author to me because his writing has so much in common with my own. If that book sounds interesting to you I'll do up a review when I finish it for you.

  2. Damn, I wish you had a edit button for comments on the blog. I know you said "coherent for literate English-speakers" and some times I'm pushing that envelope!

  3. Ha. I know what you mean. I've recently left a few sloppy ones myself. Does ANY blog have editable comments?

    "On Target" sounds good. And no worries: I can handle a few typos--might even clean any the reviewer misses. It's when the grasp of our language is so bad I have trouble understanding what is being said that I'll draw the line.

  4. Interesting opportunity. Are you looking strictly for reviews? And should reviews be strictly for written material? I notice you tagline includes Dude-flicks and Dude-rants as well.

  5. Well, now that you mention it, I guess I'm open to other content, so long as it fits my skillfully cultivated atmosphere, here. Cough.

  6. I'm really looking forward to this. I could use a testosterone hit.

  7. If it's an emergency testosterone shortage, Rob, turn on your stereo immediately and begin looping the following 4 songs: "I'm a Man" by Bo Diddly, "Hootchie-Cootchie Man" and "Mannish Boy Blues" by Muddy Waters, and "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers at maximum volume while watching Predator I (muted, of course--especially for all the Jesse Ventura lines) while hitting the free weights and demanding your girlfriend put on something sexy and prepare you an almost-raw steak.

    No Bowflex or any of those wussy machines--just barbells and dumbells. Repeat as needed until hair resumes growing in embarrassing places (but not on your scalp, of course).

  8. Unfortunately, I can't embed video in this post, but follow this link and you will get the idea:

  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaack! Flashbacks! The old lady is calling the fire department because she's afraid my hoo-wahing might blow the walls down!

  10. My testosterone is soaring but my IQ has dropped 60 points. UNACCEPTABLE!!

  11. It'll make hell seem like Chuckie Cheese's!!!

  12. Heya big guy!

    You totally busted me!

    Not only did I add you to blog roll I also featured you in the title of today's post! Mentioned you a couple times, and linked to your site.

    Talk about some hetero man love.

    And I will play Monopoly with you if you let me be banker

  13. I'll engage you in a knife fight if I can bring a gun.

    Holy turnabout is fair play, Robblogger!


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