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Thursday, January 27, 2011

US Military Jargon, Part 3

Back by popular demand (or perhaps just a demanding schedule), here is more lingo lesson from my website:


Back on the block: Back home; back to the life one had before the military.
Barret Fifty: A .50 caliber sniper rifle.
BDU: Battle Dress Uniform--traditionally woodland camoflage pattern.
Bloop gun: Grenade launcher, or "blooper."
BOHICA: "Bend over--here it comes again."
Bolo: To fail, underperform, or come up short somehow. "I heard he bolo'd the Q-Course and got kicked down to Division."
Boucoup: A lot, much, many. (Vietnam era.)
Break bad: To dress somebody down; chew them out; devastate them with insults.
Bring smoke: Kick butt; decimate; devastate.
BUDS: Basic Underwater Demolition and SEAL training.
Bumfuq, Egypt: A remote, isolated location with nothing of value. Rarely is it actually in Egypt, or even on the African continent. "The middle of Nowhere." Similar to "Timbuktu," "Yogi Bear 7" or "East Judas." Adjective form is usually "Podunk."
Bush: Jungle, forest or swamp. During peacetime it's called "the field."
Cherry: An FNG in an airborne unit.
Cheese-eating: Brown-nosing; boot-licking; kissing-up.
Clerks & jerks: A derogatory term used in the combat arms for non-combatants, support personnel, and other pogues who stay "in the rear with the gear."
Colors: A flag, banner, or unit guidon.
Cundingy: Backside, rear end, can, hiney, butt (of Korean origin?).


  1. Sent a little love your way yesterday. Put my lips on your cudingy.

    Now let's get this party started and go look at some cudingy.

    Cudingy might just be my new favorite word.

    Great post brother!

  2. And the word has uses beyond what you would logically assume. Next time your girlfriend pisses you off (I know it's usually the other way around, but for the sake of illustration...) don't say, "Woman, you're really pissing me off." Say, "Woman, you're about to give me a serious case of the cundingy." After which she just might jack up your cundingy, but not before you've dazzled her with your expanding vocabulary.

    This is a great moment--the dawn of my own Cundingykissery club! So when do we hit the seedy strip bar?


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