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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Mastermind of Men's Fiction

Using the pseudonyms Gordon Davis and John Mackie, Len Levinson has delivered some of the most entertaining war fiction of all time. His Ratbastards and The Sergeant series stand out to this day as a model of how to blend action, adventure, character development and humor, creating a virtual reality in your mind of pulpy explosions and epic bayonet combat.

At long last I've been able to ask Len some questions about these two series over at Virtual Pulp.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Free For the Kindle: The Greater Good

For a while it appeared that I would get nothing written or published in 2014. But alas, I have just released an e-book.

 I've been writing mostly serious stuff, and decided to take a short comedy break. I would classify The Greater Good as a satire, which happens to spoof superheroes and action/adventure flicks (as well as politicians, the media, rednecks, feminists...nobody is safe from my poison keyboard!).

Imagine Mel Brooks and the Zucker brothers collaborating on an all-prose issue of Mad Magazine starring the Marx Brothers. That may or may not give you an idea what this book is like.

Anyhoo, it's free to download for a short time. Enjoy!