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Friday, June 19, 2015

Retro Men's Adventure

Two items concerning Tier Zero:

  1. The price has been dropped to 99 cents.
  2. For now, the e-book has an experimental cover image.
The sepia tone cover is mainly an attempt to create some visual uniformity to the other books in the series. Not sure how well it will go over, and I will probably restore the original cover before long. It just seems a shame to mute Derrick Early's vibrant colors, however out-of-place that may make it appear in between the first and third novel in the Retreads series.


(The sepia tone cover is showing on Amazon, but as I write this, the original cover is showing as the link image. Maybe it will have changed by the time you see this. Then again, maybe I will have changed it back.)

Anyhoo, the images above are all links. If you haven't read Tier Zero yet and appreciate old-school men's fiction, you can get the e-book at 99 cents for a while.