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Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Improved Book Trailer

The latest chapter in my blue collar dronedom has kept me from the keyboard quite a bit lately. No writing has been possible, and not much blogging, either.

I will share a silver lining, though: my musician friend has finished his professional remix of the score he made for the Hell & Gone video. It is the same music, but it does sound very crisp now, and some of the drum work really stands out. At some point soon hopefully, I'll drop it in place of the "rough cut" soundtrack, along with some minor visual tweaks, and re-post it.

Speaking of that, I wonder if I'll lose my existing view count when I do that. Not that <600 views on Youtube is anything to brag about (except compared to other book trailers, maybe), but it took some work just getting to that point and I hate to become even less relevant to search engines.

The casual observer might not even notice a difference in the videos, but Dave and I both share a persnickedy artistic OCD so I'm compelled to replace the inferior cut.

Dave still doesn't have a website, BTW. I was hoping he might at least get some recognition for his work through this. Well, he's got his own white collar dronedom to deal with, and I can relate.

Watch, like, subscribe, pimp to your friends.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss 5 minutes goodbye...


  1. Great job, I loved the music as well. At some point you might want to think of experimenting with pod-casts or something because these trailers are very entertaining. I especially liked the headline about UBL getting machine gunned into swiss cheese!

  2. :-) I rather like that headline, too. Kinda' reflects the attitude of H&G.

    Thanks, Jack. Do podcasts do this sort of thing? I thought they were audio only--interviews and such. I certainly would like more exposure for H&G and am open to ideas.

    Dave is a phenomenal musician who, like me, has had to put his passion/dreams on the backburner. It was great, not only to witness the sleeping giant awaken, but to get back in touch with an old friend. He's had health issues and other drama going on, and there were times I thought this trailer was never gonna happen (or if it did, it would have to be with some other composer). It took a looooooooong time, but it all finally worked out.

  3. There is a company called graphic audio that does the Mack Bolan books. It is sort of like old time radio in that there are voice actors doing the characters and a narrator reading the book. There is also sound effects (explosions, gunfire, ect) going on in the background. Your trailer sort of reminds of that so I thought it is something you might want to take a shot at. Besides, it seems like you might have a talent for it!

    Thats awesome that you linked up with an old friend for a team-up like that. The result was worth it!

  4. You had mentioned Graphic Audio to me before, so I checked it out. It is so cool, I put it on my links list. Would love to do something like that if I had time and knew a bunch of voice actors.


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