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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Return to Normalcy(?)

I've finally finished a passable trailer for Hell & Gone. I also imbedded a Youtube widget here on the blog, but had to put it way down at the bottom because it wants to hog half the screen. I don't know why, but Blogger isn't letting me tweak the template/layout, either.

In other news, Virtual Pulp received a 5-star rating on Red Adept Reviews. Now that's something I never thought would happen; but it did and it boosted the Amazon rankings for a minute. Actually, for a couple of days. I'm happy to see that the trailer is making an impact on Hell & Gone sales too, though I had hoped more friends  would watch it and give me a better launch out of the gates. (Probably less than 2% of my friends--both from Facebook and real life, have bothered to click on the Youtube link.)

What all this means for you, dear readers, is that my horrendous schedule will downgrade to merely brutal. I should be able to start working on the reviews I've had in the queue soon. So more two-fisted blogging should be coming your way this week.


P.S: Oh yeah--forgot to mention above that I'll be switching publishers for the paperback version. Will be cleaning up some technical mistakes in the text, and changing the color scheme on the cover to match that of the e-book.

Regarding those mistakes in the text: The most embarrassing one has been brought to my attention by Reflexive Fire and corrected in the e-book version already. I really appreciate that. Most readers would never be the wiser but I still will feel much better once it's been purged from the print version.


  1. Heads up amigo - I just bought Hell and Gone as my first eBook purchase! It's sitting in the iPad Kindle app right now. Once I clear the deck of my current read, I'll be working on your book next.

  2. Kewl, Jack. Thanks! Hope you like it.

    I respect your tastes in fiction and look forward to hearing what you think.

  3. Hey Hank, when you make the revisions feel free to email them to me if you want me to check the technical aspects. I can dig into my reference material I got from the school house as well. Failing that, I can give my old room mate a call since he is a HALO jumpmaster. Take care,

  4. That would be awesome, Jack. I'm going through the file now and will attach a copy to you when I'm done.

    Many thanks.


  5. Hank -

    I started reading the book in earnest last night; I'm more than halfway done already. Two thumbs up so far, it's a great fast-moving, running-and-gunning action story that has me hitting "next" as fast as I can read across the screen.

    Will be sure to give you a solid review over on PMP when I'm through with it!

  6. Many thanks! That's great to hear.

  7. Whoa! Excellent review!

    It is really cool when representatives of my intended audience read H&G...and dig it. (Little '60s lingo there.)

    It's a good feeling when you complete a project convinced that you succeeded in what you set out to do. But still, you never know for sure until it's run the gauntlet of unbiased readers.

    I second-guessed myself for YEARS while I was pursuing traditional publishing for this book and couldn't even get an editor or agent to LOOK at it. "Am I just so out of touch that I can't see how mediocre (or bad) it is? Were the people who read it and loved it all wrong? Were the people who read it and thought I should change almost everything right?" Those are the thoughts that faced me for a long time, and it was mighty discouraging.

    I'm really glad I finally said to blazes with New York and just took my chances going the POD/e-book route.

    Ahem. Sorry for that left turn, there. (But hey--it's my blog. :-P)

    I really appreciate the review, Jack. If you have an Amazon account, it would be great if you could eventually cross-post it there, too.


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