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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Murphy and Webb Rattling the Cages


Friend and fellow military fiction author Jack Murphy has been researching the Benghazi story for a while, and has finally published his findings along with co-author Brandon Webb.

I chatted (IM'd) with him once or twice as he was working on it, and Jack figured he was going to piss some people off by letting the chips fall where they may. He was right, of course.

I have yet to read it but I appreciate his investigative journalism and trust him more than I trust anyone in the mainstream media. Read his own blog about it here.

Here's the product description:

On September 12th, 2012, Brandon Webb learned Glen Doherty, one of his closest friends and his former Navy SEAL teammate, was killed alongside Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and two other Americans when the U.S. State Department and CIA headquarters in Benghazi, Libya, were sieged in a shocking terrorist attack. For the next four months, Webb and his team at, the world’s premier Special Ops website, embarked on a relentless investigation to understand exactly what happened to their countrymen, as well as the roles played by the Obama administration, State Department, and CIA. Drawing on unmatched sources, they spoke to individuals who would talk to no one else, including fellow Special Operations team members familiar with the African theatre, and to well-placed contacts in the Washington intelligence community. This is their report—an unforgettably gripping minute-by-minute narrative of the events and their aftermath as they really unfolded on that terrible day in Libya.

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