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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Give Thanks

Tomorrow is a uniquely American holiday. It is not about turkeys or corn or pumpkin pie. It was declared a holiday to give thanks to our Creator for His provision in the midst of hardship.

That's what I'm doing.

Times have been very tough. I've been brought to the brink of utter despair more than once, but God has given me the strength to get up every morning and keep fighting. And, in the dreary midst of the Great Recession, He's even blessed me to the point that I'm currently paying all my bills on time, and my family has not gone hungry.

But deeper than that, I'm thankful I was born in the United States of America.

Poor people here are more materially wealthy than the rich in most countries. Foreigners are still flooding into the USA by the droves, whether legally or illegally. (Unfortunately, few of them truly love this country--they just want to take advantage of the opportunities here that they can't find where they came from.) A whole lot more are trying to get in than are trying to get out.

Despite the concerted efforts of many to make America less exceptional and more like the nations so many are trying to escape, so far we are still unique. There's a lot wrong with America, and a lot more all the time, but so far it's still the best place on Earth to live.

I thank God that those wig-wearing radicals over two centuries ago sacrificed so much to forge a republic for us, "...if you can keep it."

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