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Thursday, March 3, 2011

E-Book Cover Ideas

Well, I did 5 of these with different backgrounds.

These are the only ones that don't get murky when reduced to thumbnail size.

I don't like the one with the map very much. But then maybe it would look better with a topo map? I like the mushroom cloud, but it's probably too colorful. So I guess the top one is the best of the batch. But does the Sudanese flag imply that the soldier (silhouette) is Sudanese?

Nobody's commented yet, so I'll add one more:

I just bought this off of iStock, stuck my name/title on it and voila: the easiest cover I've made, to date. Simple enough? Looks OK as a thumbnail? Anyone? Bueler?


  1. I thought about Photoshopping-in a Galil, but really, how many ebook browsers are gonna care? Would it be worth all the tedious tweaking?

  2. I like the cover with a mushroom cloud in the background the best, however, I think the silhouette of the soldier looks strange. He looks like he is about to tip over as he is canted to one side. I also don't like the banners on the side of the book for your name and the title, the big blocks of color look kind of clunky. As far as the map thing goes, I'd keep it a little more subtle, faded into the background maybe, or one of many images included in the background. I'll try to have something for you by Monday on that. I think the maps I have are old British nautical charts of the coast, but I can't be sure off the top of my head.

  3. Thanks, Jack. Glad I'm not the only one who likes it. If the letterboxing was black, instead of colored, would it still look clunky?


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