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Friday, March 4, 2011

More Sample Covers

If you suspect I'm going crazy with all this e-book cover might be right. Here's a couple more variations.

And then...

Well, it's simple alright. But it doesn't really look like a book cover to me. All the design tweaks I have in mind would make it "too busy" probably. Sigh.

Oh, what the blazes...might as well showcase the cover that will be on the paperback come April, too:

Doubt if you can read it, but I quoted from Jack Badelaire's review in that top bar.


  1. Yup, it looks less clunky. I think the new one with the black letterbox is the best one yet.

  2. OK, cool.

    Wait a one yet as in it's good? Or best one yet as in they all suck but this one just sucks less?

  3. No, I think it's pretty good. Still not sure about the banners, but they look a lot better in black set against the background image.

  4. I agree with Jack M. about the "letterboxed" cover. Definitely the one I'd go with - I think it looks really sharp. Much better than the others, and I have to say, vastly better than your current cover (the shape of the mushroom cloud in your current cover looks BADLY photoshopped). The new cover is much simpler, bolder, and gets the "point" (big dang mushroom cloud) across just as well.

    I'd go with the top cover 100%.

  5. Thanks, Jack. I'm feeling better and better about that one. I'm glad you 2 and some others spoke up about it, 'cause I was assuming the mushroom cloud was just too red for everyone but me, and was gonna go with some variation of the cover below it.


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