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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Five Stars From Midwest Book Review

Most indie authors can tell you (especially if the genre of their novel isn't romance, horror or chick-lit) that getting reviews for your book is often like pulling teeth or selling ice to an Eskimo. That certainly has been my experience. Fortunately, Hell and Gone has received some thoughtful reviews already. But the one I discovered today is a big one, because it's from an organization that has mucho clout in the literary world. I've heard that librarians read the Midwest Book Review and order their stock based on what the picks are. Time will tell.

I'm very grateful to MBR for taking the time and trouble to look at a book from an unknown like me. I know their time is valuable and they have tons of submissions to sort through from other authors hungry for exposure.

Most of all, I thank God for opening this door. This may lead to the breakthrough I've been praying for.

MBR's review is posted on Amazon, and I'll be looking for other places, too. Below is the line I'll be quoting from the review:

"Hell and Gone is an exciting action and adventure novel, highly recommended."


  1. Congratulations on a well-deserved review!

  2. Thanks, Sue. The road of an indie author is all uphill, but this represents a big bound forward/upward, I hope.


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