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Monday, May 30, 2011

...And All Through Northern France...

Some guy added music and really fowled up this scene, but you can still get an idea what a nightmare these guys dropped into at St. Mere Eglise when they overshot the drop zone. They really earned their jump pay that day, to say the least.

Nobody FUBARed the next clip up with music, so, in the spirit of the coming D-Day anniversary, here is another clip from The Longest Day--the Rangers assaulting Pointe Du Hoc to knock out some German guns they were told could wreak havoc on the invasion fleet.

Personally, I think some handheld camera/POV shots could have enhanced this scene, because, to me, the danger of this mission doesn't really come across as is. Scaling cliffs like that with weapons and gear would have you smoked WITHOUT enemy gunners on the high ground enjoying a turkey shoot at your expense. RAAAAAAAAAAAIN-JAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! Hoowah! Woof, woof, hui hui hui!

BTW, Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all who have served or are serving.

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