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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blog Tour and Other News

Scott Nicholson has a book blog dedicated to indie (independent) authors--in fact, my first author interview was given there. He has 12 of his own books available for download, and now he's participating in a blog tour in which you can win a new Kindle. Most of his titles are horror, though he does appear to be branching out from there. He's also a friend of Joe Konrath,who (if you don't already know) is an inspirational success as an indie author, and very forthright in sharing his knowledge of the business to us novices. You really ought to check it out:

For all my thousands of followers (ahem): You can probably tell by what I review here the sort of fiction I like. If you have some fiction that fits into my range and would like it reviewed, contact me. If I don't think it's good, I won't trash it (unless your an established tradpubbed "name"). If I do think it's good, I'll give you some publicity. But because of time constraints, I probably won't read outside my genre range at this point in time.

Followers, feel free to post comments, and don't be fearful. You couldn't possibly look as ignorant as some of the illiterate knobs who post on Youtube and Facebook. ;-)

I'm hoping to get a Kindle for Christmas (if I don't win one via Scott's blog tour!). There is a lot of new pulp being published besides mine--much of it with fantastic cover artwork. I will probably buy some of that and hope for a pseudo-vacation (I can dream, can't I?) to vegetate and read it. I was considering a Nook for a while because there's a brick-&-mortar Barnes & Noble right around the corner...but from what I've been reading, the Kindle sounds like the best fit for my needs.

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