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Sunday, September 26, 2010

US Military Jargon Part 1

Thought I might share some of the info off my website in between reviews and other blogs. I know I missed a lot in this glossary because I occasionally remember a term I should have included...but then I forget before my next chance to edit the pages.

Folowing is a list of GI jargon, spread over several pages. It is certainly not exhaustive, and perhaps not even contemporary for 2010, but much of it is used by characters in Hell and Gone. Some fairly common terms are included. I mean no insult to anyone's intelligence, but it turns out some fairly intelligent readers are unfamiliar with what I had assumed to be household words.

100mph tape: Similar to duct tape, but O.D. green, and strong enough to patch bulletholes in helicopter rotorblades, which spin at about 100mph.
201 File: A serviceman's dossier, reviewed when considering promotions or disciplinary actions.
4th Point of Contact (or 4th Point, for short): The backside, which is the 4th body part to hit the ground during a properly executed PLF.
5.56 NATO: 5.56mm ammunition. Same as caliber .223 Remington, which the M16 and many other assault rifles are chambered for.
550 cord: High-strength nylon parachute cord.
7.62 NATO: 7.62mm ammunition. Same as caliber .308 Winchester, which many medium machineguns and some main battle rifles are still chambered for.
782 gear: Or "deuce gear." USMC equivalent to US Army's "TA-50"--the helmet, canteens/carriers, ammo pouches, load-bearing equipment, etc., issued upon a marine's assignment to a company.
80pax: A "cattle truck"--theoretically capable of hauling 80 men plus their weapons and gear.

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